A Few Days of Sailing and A Song!!

by sara rose


Grace Bailey and most of her crew; from left to right, Mike, Johnny-tar, Jerika, Gus, John. Missing is Captain Ray and of course myself. Gus and John were along for the ride this week and not a normal part of this boat’s crew.

This past week of sailing was the first week where the weather’s been nice every day.  Also my first week on the Grace Bailey, the largest and oldest ship in the Maine Windjammer Cruises fleet.  She was built in 1882 as a cargo vessel hauling granite and lime and lumber and other things to and from the Maine coast.  She even once sailed all the way to the East Indies.  

The first 3 days of this week, I was training a new cook, Becca.  Much like me, she didn’t want a whole lot of instruction beyond tips and techniques, so I mostly just had an easy 3 days of sailing, hanging out, trying to stay out of the way and generally relaxing aboard the Bailey. During my time aboard as a passenger I learned to splice rope and tie a bowline knot.  Both of these seem like they will come in really handy for the rest of my life.  A well-spliced line  will create a loop in any size rope that seems to have grown there — strong, solid, able to withstand heavy amounts of pressure but also able to be undone if needed.  A bowline knot (according to my sailor co-workers) is useful for similar reasons — it won’t ever come undone by accident but is easily undone by hand if needed.  

The second part of the week, I did my first cooking on the Grace Bailey.  Her galley has many nice features, including a larger and more well-designed icebox, an ice water tap and a lot more storage.  The woodstove is more difficult to keep going and a little more unpredictable than the Mercantile’s.  The Mercantile galley’s amenities include more counter space and a 2-basin sink with a dish drainer as well as easy access to almost anything I need at any time.  The Mercantile seems to be designed for the cook and the Grace Bailey galley for the comfort of passengers.   Sort of . . . the reality is that each galley has perks and each has downfalls, as with all things.  

The highlight of my week was the last night when our awesome passengers composed!! and performed a song for us on deck after lasagna dinner.  The meal was a veggie and a pork lasagna, green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, bruschetta and an apple blueberry crisp with whipped cream.  The lyrics to the song are here:


The lyrics to the song composed and performed by our guests on the Grace Bailey


Chocolate filled doughnut muffins for the last morning aboard the Grace Bailey.

Regardless, I will be setting sail again tomorrow morning on the Mercantile and I’m looking forward to going back to the boat where I cut my teeth on this wild adventure of sailing, cooking and tending the fire, the feast and the belly at sea. 

About to lose power and no place to plug in.  See you next time!!1